We deliver a wide range of consumer and retail-specific products and services, such as supply chain and receivables structures supported by MUFG's international scale and financial strength. Our client portfolio includes businesses operating in:

  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer goods
  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Clothing
  • Household
  • Food and non-food retail
  • Luxury goods

Global Scale

MUFG's network spans over 50 countries, delivering local and cross-border solutions where needed. Our teams offer major global M&A financing capability, backed up with significant balance sheet capacity and market leading credentials. We particularly focus on meeting debt capital markets and associated hedging needs.

Key areas of strength include:

We are frequently the first call bank for major acquisitions and debt capital market financing in the food and beverage sector. As part of our long-term relationships with clients this has meant we have roles across all aspects of transactions.