MUFG is trusted by our borrowers and targets to deliver tailored financial structures appropriate to the strategic ambitions they have for their businesses.

Deepening Relationships

MUFG holds senior debt in almost all of the transactions we structure, as you would expect from a bank that prides itself on long-term relationships. In the deals we arrange, we aim to distribute the debt and subordinated debt that we do not hold to banks and institutional investors, in collaboration with our borrowers.

Our typical leveraged finance borrower generates more than €50m earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) and is usually a business beginning its journey to investment grade or one operating in sectors where we have specific expertise. These include:

Our London-based team liaises with the wider organisation, taking advantage of our global reach and financial strength to offer borrowers unique sector and geographic insight and opportunities.

MUFG's financial sponsor in EMEA is responsible for developing and maintaining our relationships with leading funds in the private equity community. We work in partnership with our clients to identify targets, potential buyers for their assets, and access to our array of hedging, loan and bond products.