We have more than 50 dedicated experts who offer in-depth experience in originating, structuring and executing ECA finance transactions to help clients mitigate cross border risk.

Our export finance specialists are based across seven locations (London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sao Paulo) and partner with around 30 strategically chosen ECAs from across the globe. These are government-backed agencies that support domestic companies' exports by providing financing and risk enhancement.

Global Network

Our ECA team help exporters expand their customer-finance options – without incurring additional financial obligations – by using ECA-backed schemes. Exporters can also take advantage of:

  • Payment on delivery of goods and services, eliminating the risk of non-payment
  • Access to new markets, while substantially mitigating the financial risks involved in the commercial transaction
  • An enhanced competitive position in overseas markets through access to long-term financing solutions at attractive terms

Importers can benefit from ECA finance solutions that allow them to buy significant capital goods and services, using stable and long-term financing. Working with ECAs, they can benefit from:

  • Repayment periods that are generally longer than other unsecured term loans
  • All-in pricing that is often lower than non-ECA covered loans
  • Maintenance of existing bank credit limits as the value covered by the ECA is generally excluded from a firm's overall credit exposure
  • Tailor-made financing solutions, allowing disbursements to match the payment terms under the commercial contract

MUFG can also access unique untied risk-guarantee programs offered by multilateral agencies. These include those offered by the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (a member of the World Bank Group), in addition to OECD countries' bi-lateral agencies. We are also able to consider tied commercial loans under commercial contracts, which are not eligible for ECA cover.