Low Carbon Financing Series


A Seven-Part Series

Part 1: The Hydrogen Economy

This report examines the potential applications of hydrogen as an energy source and the economic models which would support commercial bank financing.

Part 2: Electricity Interconnectors and offshore transmission in the EMEA region

This report explores some of bankable business models for these technologies and provide commentary from a commercial bank perspective.

Part 3: Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage in the EMEA region

This paper looks at the CCUS chain and the role which commercial banks can play in enabling CCUS projects through financing.

Part 4: Utility Scale Battery Storage Assets

This part of the series delves into how battery electricity storage will play a key role in the world's transition to a low carbon emission energy mix and the part commercial banks can play to enable this.

Part 5: Zero-Emission Buses in Europe

This part of the series focuses on green bus technologies and enabling the commercial debt financing of these fleets.

Part 6: Floating Offshore Wind

This report looks at the nascent floating offshore wind sector and the role Commercial banks can play in enabling floating offshore wind projects through financing.

Part 7: Electric Vehicle Charging

This report looks at the role investors and lenders are playing (and could play) in facilitating the deployment of EV charging infrastructure in order to expedite the electrification of the transport sector.

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