Road to COP 28

COP28, the international climate summit, taking place in Dubai between the 30th November and 12th December 2023, is a pivotal moment in the ESG calendar. On this page, you will find related content from MUFG EMEA including research reports, podcasts and articles as well as insights from our leaders and experts.

Transition of Financial Activities Towards Net Zero

The transition needed to achieve a carbon neutral world is something unprecedented and requires a fundamental transformation of the energy and industrial sectors. It requires a deep understanding of available and credible technologies.

How transition finance is shaping the path to a net zero economy

Governments, financial institutions, and the private sector are all central to the energy transition. Having a plan, despite its imperfections, is better than having no plan at all.


AI’s influence in scaling ESG’s maturation – transformative or disruptive?

Unparalleled opportunities have been realised from the development and adoption of AI, but we are yet to fully harness the power of generative AI to solve many of the world's long-term sustainability challenges. This report reviews the implications that the growth of AI has for each component of ESG.


ESG Series Podcast


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