Climate negotiators met at their inter-sessional climate talks, known as SB58 (the 58th meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies), between 5-15 June 2023, at Bonn, Germany. The deliberations were supposed to lay the foundations for progress at COP28, which is scheduled for 29 November – 12 December 2023, in Dubai. Yet, they also highlighted the many gaps that still need to be bridged.

Parties and groupings stuck mostly to their familiar negotiating positions across most issues at Bonn, though faint contours of progress were made on core issues of (i) loss & damage; (ii) Article 6; and (iii) the just transition.

Ehsan Khoman, Head of Commodities, ESG and Emerging Markets Research (EMEA), discusses MUFG's latest ESG report that examines the current state of affairs of climate negotiations ahead of COP28 in November (see here for the full report).