MUFG in EMEA is pleased to announce the launch of a hybrid work policy. The outbreak of COVID-19 led to approximately 98% of our staff in most locations working from home. Based on these experiences, staff feedback and learnings from the pandemic, MUFG will now embrace a hybrid model of in-office and remote working flexibility in EMEA.

The past year has demonstrated that agile working can enable the majority of employees to continue collaborating closely with colleagues to serve clients, while having increased flexibility and an improved work-life balance. At the same time, remote working has brought its own set of challenges for many people.

Going forward, a client-centric and people-focused approach to conducting business will be maintained. Office working will continue to be a key part of how clients are supported and how employees collaborate effectively with one another. Depending on their business area and role, employees will work with their teams and line managers to establish their own personal rhythms of home and office work.

John Gerard Williams, Chief Human Resources Officer EMEA at MUFG, commented:

"We are incredibly proud to be a Japanese financial institution pioneering this hybrid work model here in EMEA.

"Our exceptional staff have performed brilliantly throughout the pandemic, and this non-prescriptive approach will enable our employees to adapt to a working style which best fits their personal circumstances, whether that is an increased need for flexibility, a working parent with children, or someone with care duties."

COVID-19 medical data, trends and local regulations will continue to be monitored, all of which inform decisions as to when colleagues are able to return to an office. The approach will vary by location in accordance with local requirements and latest government guidelines.

With a nod to MUFG's global efforts, Angus MacGregor, Head of Global Human Resources at MUFG, added:

"The safety, health and wellbeing of all our employees remain a top priority. As a global bank present in over 50 countries, we are proud of the diversity of cultures at MUFG and work with colleagues at a local level to address their needs as much as we can.

"Several initiatives have been undertaken by MUFG in specific regions - such as supporting vaccination programmes and enhancing our employee assistance and wellbeing offering– and we will continue to promote a culture of trust and empowerment for employees everywhere."

MUFG in EMEA would like to take this opportunity to thank employees, especially critical and essential workers across the MUFG network, for their continued resilience and dedication to MUFG and its clients throughout this challenging time.