Low Carbon Series: Energy Transition

In this series of reports, we look how a range of industries can make the transition to net zero / carbon neutral.

​Part 1: Sustainable Aviation in the EMEA Region

Decarbonization is a major challenge for the aviation sector, and this report examines how the airline industry can reach net-zero targets, including through technologies as well as sustainable aviation fuels, operational and infrastructural measures.

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Part 2: Plastics Recycling in the EMEA region

There is an increasing focus on the need to address carbon emissions from plastic production and the environmental impact of plastic waste. This paper summarises the options around plastic recycling and the ways in which project finance can provide value.

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Part 3: Decarbonising the global maritime transport sector

Global maritime shipping is a material contributor to carbon emissions and is responsible for around 3% of global CO2 emissions. This paper seeks to outline both the challenges and the opportunities that the decarbonisation of the sector presents.

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Part 4: Funders’ evolving environmental due diligence requirements in the floating production sector

In Part 4 of our Low Carbon Series: Energy Transition, we look at funders evolving environmental due diligence requirements in the floating production offshore sector in light of lenders signing up to the UN’s Net Zero Banking Alliance commitment.

Low Carbon Financing Series

The first part of this series, which looked at the most promising solutions for moving to a net-zero economy and the economic models which would support commercial bank financing, can be found here.

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