To ensure we are hearing everyone's voices and to make people aware of the different perspectives we have at the organisation, we have five employee networks that are employee-led and operate across EMEA. These groups currently focus on gender diversity, multiculturalism, sexual orientation, disability (including mental health) and all aspects of family.


Mission: We give all employees the confidence that every individual, regardless of their gender, will have fair and equal access to all opportunities.

Vision: For MUFG to be a gender-balanced organisation, whose employees are engaged, energised and empowered to realise their full potential.


Mission: disABILITY WORKS is a forum that acts as a resource and support network for all employees impacted by any form of disability.

Vision: For MUFG to foster a working environment that enables, supports and drives understanding of disability, allowing every employee to thrive.

Family Matters

Mission: We provide a resource, network and culture of support for all MUFG employees and their families.

Vision: Our vision is for MUFG to be a 'best in class' family-friendly organisation and employer of choice.


Mission: Mosaic helps MUFG and its employees get the maximum benefit from our cultural diversity across EMEA through celebrating, raising awareness, providing networking opportunities and education.

Vision: For MUFG to successfully utilise its wide-ranging cultural diversity to benefit us in commercial opportunities, making us a truly global enterprise and the world's most trusted Bank.

Pride Alliance

Mission: To provide a resource and network to MUFG employees that celebrates and drives LGBT inclusion across EMEA , allowing all employees to bring their whole selves to work.

Vision: For MUFG to be seen as a best in class LGBT inclusive workplace where all individuals regardless of their orientation or identity have fair and equal access to all opportunities.