MUFG's Inclusion and Diversity strategy aims to ensure that we fully embrace diversity and embed an inclusive culture where all perspectives, skills and expertise are valued. We recognise that having a robust Inclusion and Diversity programme is instrumental in supporting the sustainable growth of our business, and - more importantly - we know that focussing on this is the right thing to do for our employees and those who want to join us.

While we broadly define diversity as all the qualities and characteristics that make us different from one another, gender diversity is a particular focus for us at MUFG given the commitments we made when we signed the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter.

Masahiro Kuwahara, Regional Executive for EMEA, says:

"Signing the Women in Finance Charter is part of a series of initiatives we are undertaking to ensure we have more women in senior management positions at MUFG. To drive this effectively, we are holding our Management Committee accountable and have assigned them specific performance objectives to measure progress. Over the next five years we will be putting considerable effort into meeting our target and look forward to continuing our efforts in years to come."

In 2017, we committed to improving the gender diversity across our senior positions in the UK by increasing representation by at least 10% by 2022 – meaning that we wanted to increase the proportion of women in Managing Director roles by at least 2%, year-on-year.

During our first year, we have increased the proportion of women in Managing Director positions by 3.5%, exceeding our goal of 2% growth. We are therefore looking to be more ambitious with our approach to gender diversity and are planning to broaden our commitment across all levels of the organisation.

Our efforts to enact a real change as part of the Women in Finance Charter runs parallel to initiatives set within our Early Careers space, where our goal is for each intake within our Apprentice, Intern, and Graduate programmes to be 50% female. We have been consistent in meeting our goals in these areas of the business since the origination of this programme two years ago.

David King, Chief Executive Officer of the securities business in EMEA, says:

"We have made some positive steps in our first year, and are excited to be able to expand on our commitments to drive progress at MUFG, but we acknowledge that there is much more work to be done. The next twelve months will see the continuation of our Gender Strategy, as well as the launch of other initiatives which will bolster the evolution of a more inclusive and diverse workforce."

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