In 2019/20, MUFG employee volunteers took part in a number of BIG Alliance's team challenges, including developing a community garden with Global Generation and helping Plant Environment to provide gardens, wildlife habitats and vegetable patches for two local schools.

Our volunteers also hosted an evening of Japanese food and culture for older neighbours in North London and took part in BoardMatch, which pairs them with local community organisations and charities who are recruiting for new trustees.

With COVID-19 shining a light on issues of inequality, loneliness and the environment, our support for BIG Alliance will be even more relevant in 2020/21.

“At our team challenges, MUFG volunteers get the chance to work with colleagues and local residents, connect with nature and make a tangible difference. It's a win-win for everyone."

Luke Brown, Community Project Manager, BIG Alliance

“Having a team of energetic and positively engaged volunteers for the day provides such a great and lasting impact on the projects and is key to facilitating the delivery of the Environmental Education Programmes at each school."

Sophia Ioannou, Environmental Tutor, Plant Environment

"BoardMatch provides the efficient and carefully facilitated route employees need to join the board of a community partner that matches their skills and interests. The engagement and commitment shown by MUFG and its employees has been incredible."

Tom Browne, Programme Manager, BIG Alliance

Visit the BIG Alliance website.

Mentoring Works

“A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction," according to BIG Alliance's flagship education programme, Mentoring Works. It matches volunteers from local businesses with local students to help them prepare for the world of work.

2019/20 saw another rise in the number of MUFG EMEA mentors and mentees for Mentoring Works. More than 70 students from four schools met with their mentors once a fortnight in the MUFG London office to learn CV writing, public speaking and other skills. MUFG volunteers also supported a number of student workshops run by the charity.

From the 2019 cohort of mentees, over 50% improved their attendance, grades and behaviour as a result of taking part in the programme and 100% improved in the seven competencies identified by employers as key qualities they look for when hiring.

“My mentor has really helped me with my self-esteem. I now have the confidence to ask questions in class, which is something I would not previously have done."

Mazhar, Mentee, Beacon High School

“Mentoring will be more important than ever post-COVID. Working with MUFG, we can help young people to build their confidence and develop the skills they need for their future careers."

Ayesha Begum, Education Project Manager, BIG Alliance

“I am thoroughly enjoying helping my students to consider their career options and was genuinely impressed with the CVs that they have created."

Cathy Bennett, Director, Credit Risk Management, MUFG EMEA

Visit the Mentoring Works website.

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