Our common values, to behave with integrity and responsibility, and to build a culture which is fair, transparent, and honest underpin everything that we do.


Recruiting and retaining a diverse talent pool is central to the business. Only by having a broad range of abilities available can we understand what our clients need and how to develop the innovative solutions that will best serve them.

MUFG in EMEA has launched a hybrid work policy, embracing a model of in-office and remote working flexibility.

This approach, which varies by location across the EMEA region, supports our clients and allows our employees the opportunity to benefit from a more agile workplace.


Respect for our colleagues is essential for building qualities, such as professionalism and teamwork, that our clients value. So all teams, in all parts of MUFG, can expect to be treated the same way, with their contributions recognised accordingly.

Global Mobility

Mobility is increasingly part of how we develop and retain the best talent. Every year hundreds of our colleagues move around the globe, ensuring that we have the best talent in the right place for both our clients and our colleagues themselves. That is why we value people with a global mindset.

Personal Development

We run tailored development programmes to ensure that all of our colleagues can develop the skills they need to excel. These range from formal induction programmes for our graduate intake, right through to bespoke courses that develop personal skills or keep colleagues up-to-date with regulatory obligations.

Networking Events

Through our employee network programmes we host a variety of events and other initiatives to help colleagues build valuable connections and share their experiences.

Corporate Responsibility

We encourage colleagues to get involved in our corporate responsibility programmes that focus on supporting young people and maintaining and improving the environment. To do this, for instance, we allow everyone two days a year to work on the causes that they feel strongly about.