Our culture principles define how we must act to create and sustain a workplace that supports our clients and colleagues. These simple but profound principles power an inclusive, diverse, client-focused, growth-oriented team.

Client Centric

  • We always ask the question “How does this impact our clients?"
  • We think like our clients and advocate for their success
  • We listen to the voice of the client to drive innovation
  • We are trusted advisors, providing thoughtful, integrated solutions to meet our clients' unique needs

People Focused

  • We connect beyond our teams and leverage our global strength as One MUFG
  • We value contributions and results over titles and hierarchy
  • We respect each other, assume good intent, and listen reflectively
  • We develop ourselves and others, learn from mistakes, and recognise achievements

Listen Up. Speak Up.

  • We actively listen to diverse perspectives before voicing opinions or making decisions
  • We ask the difficult questions to stretch our thinking and expand our mindset
  • We call out behaviours that don't align with our values, conduct, and culture
  • We propose innovative ideas even when they may be unpopular

Innovate and Simplify

  • We are resilient and challenge the status quo to support transformation and innovation
  • We simplify what does not need to be complex
  • We are curious about what's next and doing it better
  • We expect efficiency and manage company resources as if they were our own

Own and Execute

  • We execute with speed, simplicity, and transparency to manage risk and drive results
  • We empower those closest to the issue to solve it
  • We are accountable for our actions and accept responsibility
  • We proactively prioritise competing objectives to deliver high performance