Our world-renowned scholars advise on all matters related to our Islamic finance, providing expert opinion on deals and giving their perspectives on systems and processes. They have oversight of all our Islamic finance activities and oversee our regular tests to ensure that all Islamic assets and liabilities remain Shariah compliant.

Dr Nizam Yaquby (Chairman)

Sheikh Nizam Yaquby holds several highly-respected positions on the Shariah supervisory boards of Islamic financial institutions around the world. He is widely published on the subject of Islamic finance in both English and Arabic and has taught Islamic sciences in Bahrain since 1976.

Dr Nizam Yaquby is a member of the Shariah Board of the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions and has been a visiting lecturer at Harvard University. He has a degree in economics and comparative religion from McGill University, Canada, and a doctorate from Lahaye University in Holland.

He was educated in classical Shariah in Bahrain and Makkah. He is the recipient of the Order Merit in Bahrain and has received the Euromoney Award for Innovation in Shariah Supervision.

Dr Mohamed Ali Elgari

Dr Elgari is member of numerous Shariah boards of Islamic financial institutions worldwide. He has published several books and articles on Islamic finance in both Arabic and English and holds a PhD from the University of California, USA.

He is an expert at the Islamic Jurisprudence Academy of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and a member of the Shariah Council of AAOFI. Before that, he was professor of Islamic economics, and the director of the Center for Research in Islamic Economics at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia.

Dr Elgari is the recipient of the Islamic Development Bank prize in Islamic Banking and Finance and the KLIFF Islamic Finance Award for the individual Most Outstanding Contribution to Islamic Finance.

Dr Mohammad Abdul Rahim Sultan AlOlama

Dr Mohammad Abdul Rahim Sultan AlOlama is a professor of Islamic jurisprudence at UAE University, Al Ain, where he also chaired the basic Islamic studies department and was assistant dean for research affairs.

Over 17 years, Professor AlOlama has taught 20 different Islamic studies courses, participated in many research activities, and published several books.

He is a member of several Shariah boards of Islamic financial institutions, the Dubai Supreme Council of Shariah Scholars, as well as a member of the organising committee at the Dubai Holy Quran Award and head of its research and studies unit.

Professor AlOlama holds a bachelor degree in Shariah from Islamic University in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, and a masters' degree and PhD in Islamic jurisprudence from Umm Al Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.