Read the full article here: Forget Brexit: The real drivers of corporate decision-making lie way beyond Britain's borders

Key points covered in the article in City AM by Sébastien Rozès Head of Corporate Banking for EMEA include:

  • Confidence in the US and Chinese economies, and how emerging markets cope under the strain of significantly lower year-on-year commodity prices, will continue to play a far greater role in the decision-making of the largest business names in the UK. Not least because these markets are the key drivers of global market sentiment
  • The fall in net corporate borrowing, less than expected M&A activity and, once that M&A activity is stripped out, a 30% fall in investment grade financing are not simply due to the UK's EU referendum. They all make a broader statement on corporate Europe's uncertainty about the direction of global travel
  • We are seeing nervousness around growth, and the Chinese growth numbers do not look strong enough to propel the major economies back on track
  • That said, opportunities are there for those who are ready to take them, and waiting until all the “known unknowns" to clear will mean waiting too long