MUFG has been ranked ninth in Dealogic's Private European Medium Term Notes (EMTN) dealer rankings for 2017, and first in its ranking of dealers of structured EMTNs.

In 2017, MUFG was the arranger of 109 private EMTN deals, totalling US$8,053 million, leading to its top 10 position. Last year, MUFG ranked at #13.

Similarly, last year saw MUFG hold the arranger position on 62 structured EMTNs, with a value of US$5,811 million, holding a 17% market share, and guaranteeing its first place ranking.

These rankings incorporate issuance throughout 2017 from issuers based in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and for the first time, the United States.

The full year MTN issuance volume finished at just over US$ 8 billion for MUFG, across 163 transactions, and incorporated maturities from two months to 30 years.