As part of our commitment to supporting the communities in which we operate, we are proud to be able to support charity partners and community groups across EMEA during the COVID-19 outbreak.

These extreme circumstances have been particularly felt by those already living in poverty, individuals at high risk of contracting the virus and, of course, the front-line heroes who are endangering their lives to help fight this pandemic on a daily basis.

We are pleased to have been able to make donations to charity partners and community groups across the region. We are also working closely with our charity partners to identify opportunities where MUFG can offer support where it's needed most.

The donation will go into supporting the grassroots efforts of a number of charities across eight locations - here's how it will help each and every one of them:


The National Solidarity Campaign was launched by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who donated part of his annual salary to aid the fight against COVID-19. MUFG has also contributed towards the campaign, and the donation will be used to support low-income households that are suffering economically due to the social distancing measures implemented to prevent the spread of the disease.


Senses Residential and Day Care Centre is the first and only residential care facility in the UAE and the Middle East for special needs children with mild to severe physical disabilities and Down's syndrome. The donation will go into supporting the centre to continue delivering the necessary therapies and rehabilitative and educational programmes for these children.


Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world's most vulnerable, mobilising the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030. Families in disadvantaged areas in Africa are largely impacted by the loss income and support. The donation for Johannesburg in South Africa will go towards feeding approximately 300 children and their families to help them through this challenging time. The meal pack contains rice, soya mince, lentils and a vitamin sachet which aims to reduce stunting due to malnutrition.


L'Amico Charly is a youth centre that focuses on supporting disadvantaged young people to integrate in society and develop through a range of educational, training, assistance and support programmes for adolescents, in collaboration with institutions, schools and families. The donation will be used to help develop their e-learning facilities and virtual support to continue to help engage these vulnerable young people during this time of prolonged isolation.


Fondation des Hôpitaux de Paris (The French Hospitals Foundation) is an organisation committed to enhancing the medical facilities, equipment and accommodation to improve the daily lives of hospitalised children and the elderly. The donation will directly support the medical teams in French hospitals at the frontline of fighting the coronavirus.


JINC is a charity that focuses on supporting disadvantaged young people through developing their skills and professional experiences for better success in the future. The donation will go into developing a virtual buddy/mentoring programme to continue the young people's learning and development from home.

In addition to this, MUFG Bank (Europe) has donated a sum of money to fund around 70 computers to the City of Amsterdam as part of its initiative to support primary school children without access to one. Due to social-distancing measures, schools in the city are closed, and children are continuing their learnings online. The computers will mean that their education is uninterrupted, and they will be able to continue to use the computers after the crisis ends to further their development and studies.


Down Madrid Foundation is dedicated to promoting and organising initiatives for people with Down's syndrome and other disabilities to support their social integration and to improve their quality of life. The donation will go into organising virtual activities to overcome the impact of this pandemic, focusing mainly on maintaining communications and providing necessary support.


VERA Charity Foundation is a group of hospices that support terminally ill people; young and old, who are living in poverty. They do this by providing necessary medical support, food, comfort and care needed for their residents. This donation is critical for the charity foundation at this challenging time to continue to deliver the vital support to those who need it most.


BIG Alliance focuses on strengthening ties between community organisations and local corporations across the Islington borough. The charity achieves this by providing an array of both community and education volunteering opportunities. The donation will be used to support the most vulnerable residents within the Islington community affected by the crisis, which includes the elderly, the isolated and those in poverty.

Working Chance is committed to supporting female ex-offenders to find sustainable employment and achieve financial autonomy. The donation will be used to continue to support these women by providing online courses and establishing a virtual network and support group.

Laureus Street League and Fight for Peace: are both charities who tackle a variety of social issues affecting disadvantaged young people such as unemployment, lack of financial literacy and social exclusion. The two charities deliver on their mission by combining sports and education/self-development programmes with the aim of putting these young people in sustainable education, employment or training. As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, young people who use the charities' facilities will be unable to attend their daily sessions and with many industries being affected, many of them will become unemployed, increasing their risk of falling into poverty. To curb the effects of the crisis, the donation will help create online programmes and courses for these young people to use remotely and to stay in touch with members of staff for support.

Islington Giving is a network of organisations based in Islington who support local projects through raising funds, giving grants and sharing knowledge, in efforts to change lives in the local area. The money donated will go straight back out to organisations working in the community with residents who are isolated, anxious and in most need of financial support through this crisis.

St George's Hospital Charity are responding very quickly to the needs of the hospital to find ways to overcome the new challenges that COVID-19 is creating. One of these challenges is the isolation requirement which means that patients in palliative care are not able to connect with their families. MUFG has donated a number of iPads to enable these patients to stay connected and to be together with their loved ones at this difficult time.