Geraint Thomas, Executive Director at MUFG and leader of the company's green capital markets activity discusses how EM issuers and investors are finding their way in the green bond market. Click here to hear Geraint's thoughts on the below.

  • How institutional investors digest green risk and how that feeds back into the performance of those deals.
  • The price benefits, if any, of issuing a green bond over a conventional instrument. Should there be a pricing mechanism directly correlated with a borrower's ESG score?
  • Whether there is anything structurally unique about green bonds (aside from the sustainability or environmental reporting component), and the challenges around structuring these instruments.
  • What issuers are saying on the pain points they face in bringing these transactions to the market.
  • Whether there is much scope for borrowers that aren't looking to finance new infrastructure to issue green bonds. What is the 'limit' in terms of how proceeds can be used?
  • Green or sustainability loans: Growing in popularity but often left out of the broader discourse on sustainable finance, how does MUFG approach these instruments? Do these loans have the same verifiability requirements as publicly listed green bonds?
  • The next frontier of sustainable finance instruments – securitisations. Geraint shares his view on the appetite for green securitisations.