This site is for members of the UFJ Bank Limited (Tokai 1978) Pension & Life Assurance Scheme. As you may know, the Scheme is looked after by a board of Trustees who oversee the management of the Scheme and this site provides you with copies of documentation that sets out the Trustees' policies, actions taken and objectives for the Scheme's investments

As a member of the UFJ Bank Limited (Tokai 1978) Pension & Life Assurance Scheme you can find information on the investment options within Scheme's Statement of Investment Principles.

This statement includes information on the Trustees' process for choosing investments, their investment objectives and other details that serve as a guide to how they look after the Scheme.

The Implementation Statement monitors how the Trustees' policies on engagement and exercising voting rights set out in the Statement of Investment Principles (above) have been followed over the year.

The Statements of Investment Principles is provided as a document (PDF) that can be downloaded and printed or viewed directly on this site.

If you require any of the documents noted above in another format, please contact the Mercer Helpline: 0344 209 6577, or write to:

Mercer Retirement Solutions,
P.O. Box 505,
Westgate House,
Chichester PO19 9AF.