The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) aims to establish a European Union wide market for third party providers (TPPs) and to encourage the creation of a harmonised framework for innovative payment and account services. MUFG is committed to supporting its clients as they take advantage of these new market developments. We have developed data interfaces, also known as APIs that enable TPPs to connect with MUFG's systems to provide their services to our clients.

Following the successful launch of our developer portal on 14 March 2019, we have launched our Production phase and we welcome TPPs to work with us.

How to subscribe to MUFG's APIs:

Quarterly KPIs

The Quarterly KPI Statistics on the availability and performance will be accessible from October 2019 for each of our API Services.

Contact us

Should you have any queries when registering or require technical support on this new service please email us at