CSR Team

Our local community involvement is driven by our colleagues on the ground in offices around the world. In each case, they focus on activities created specifically for their local community and which will have a real impact both on people and on the environment.

  • Amsterdam

    MUFG Amsterdam

    Reading stories to young people

    Along with our work on financial education, we also take great pride in supporting young people in our community. For example, reading stories to young people who are living in care and instilling a love of reading and learning at an early age.


    MUFG CSR team London

    Supporting young people to achieve their aspirations

    We aim to make a positive and lasting impact on the young people we engage with in local London boroughs. Working alongside our partners, through direct funding or by volunteering time, we offer advice and support to help young people achieve their goals.


    MUFG Madrid

    Connecting with our environment

    We aim to connect with the local community in Madrid through an informed and positive relationship with the young people there. We believe fostering this environment is important for the future well-being of our young people.


    MUFG Milan

    We are all part of one community

    We believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child, and so our efforts and commitment are designed to help young people to thrive. We commit time to engaging young people through sport and through financial education programmes, which makes a positive impact on the whole community.


    MUFG Paris

    One person’s waste is another’s opportunity

    We are proud of the work we do with young people within our local community to help them get employment, or to get support for living with disabilities. We do this through a range of recycling programmes which of course also helps the wider environment.

  • Istanbul

    MUFG Istanbul

    Coming to your senses

    This includes using our spare time to record audio books, chosen by visually impaired people in our community, so that they can listen to the stories that will capture their imaginations.


    MUFG Moscow

    A little goes a long way

    We volunteer in the local community to help ensure that young people going to school can enjoy the benefits of the most basic materials to support their education. This way we help ensure that the pupils have the pens, pencils and exercise books they need to be able to learn.


    MUFG Wasaw

    Making connections with our community

    Our local programme in Warsaw concentrates on helping educate young people. As a financial institution we try to make the most of our distinctive position to share our skills and resources to support the financial education of young people we engage with.

  • Almaty

    MUFG Almaty

    Sharing our financial expertise

    To do this we go into schools and colleges to help with their financial education.


    MUFG Dubai

    Challenging ourselves in a challenging environment

    In the United Arab Emirates, we are committed to supporting people with special needs and to enhancing the environment in our local community. All that we do to pursue these objectives are led entirely by our colleagues who shape and deliver the programme.


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